Merano Christmas Market

Merano Christmas Market
The Christmas Market in Merano with its traditional advent trimmings is now in its 20th year and will as always, be taking place on the historic health spa promenade.
This year, there is also an excellent variety of wonderful highlights for you to see. Especially this year’s selection of hand blown glass and Christmas tree balls and ornaments are exceptional. All of this can be viewed on the historic promenade and can also be purchased for your Christmas tree at home. Even a master of the glassblowing art will be present to create Christmas ornaments on site, this will surly be an amazing pleasure for everybody to watch.

There are fantastic Nutcracker figures, artistic Christmas pyramids, wondrous and spectacular hand carved arches and glorious tree decorations made of wood, fine glass, soft tin. Also mystical music boxes and figures especially made in the Rothenburgs very own Christmas workshop called the “Räuchermännchen”, in English, “the little smoking man”. All of these items are not only purchasable but also a pleasure to look at.

Also the “Feuerzangenbowle”, in English, “the fire tong punch” is a must this year, like every year. This punch consists of: a sugar loaf soaked in rum melted in a copper cauldron over a fire, this trickily solution is then dripped into a keg of red wine and therefore gives this Christmas drink its very special and spiced taste.

The daily children animation and activities at the Meran Advent Markets “little star club” have been a successful part of the market for quite a few years now and wouldn’t be the same without it. Our so-called “side events” like choirs, brass bands and various artists on different days ensure our guests will be captured the soul of Christmas spirit.

Merano Christmas Market
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