The Merano Kurhaus

The Merano Kurhaus (concert and conference venue), located in the heart of town between Corso della Libertà and the delightful Passirio promenade, is one of the most magnificent art nouveau buildings in the entire Alpine region. Plans for the structure were drawn up towards the end of the 19th century by architect Friedrich Obmann on the strength of the flourishing health tourism, and the building opened in 1874. Construction wasn't complete, however, until the beginning of the 20th century; the splendid municipal theatre was added, among other things. Today the Kurhaus, with its elegant Kursaal, is a popular venue for cultural events, congresses and sumptuous balls.
The Merano Kurhaus
The Merano Kurhaus
The Merano Kurhaus
The Merano Kurhaus

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Dantestr. 40
39012 Maia alta (Merano)
South Tyrol - Italy
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